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    The 5th annual natural gas symposium will be held October 27-28, 2015 on the Colorado State University campus!




2015 Symposium

REGISTER NOW for the 5th annual 2015 Natural Gas Symposium to be held Oct. 27 and 28 on the CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. Click here to register as an in-person participant or to watch any of the live streamed sessions.  The 4th annual 2014 Natural Gas Symposium event was a success!  Watch 2014 session videos.

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Symposium Press

The 2014 Natural Gas Symposium was held September 24 & 25.  Click here to read the 2014 Natural Gas Symposium press.

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Past Symposiums

It is CSU’s goal to educate, inform and discuss complex issues while finding viable solutions.  The CSU Steering Committee of the symposium worked hard to offer all sides of the issues keeping Colorado State University as the “honest broker” of the information.

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Example of the video streamed session on October 15, 2013 “Executive Roundtable Discussion”

Agenda at  a Glance

With a reputation for independent research excellence in everything from reducing natural gas emissions at the wellhead to land reclamation, Colorado State University is uniquely positioned to help the public to understand the natural gas boom occurring in Colorado, the West and U.S. The university can provide credible, multi-disciplinary solutions to the complex problems facing the industry.

Colorado State, more than any other institution, can directly address all the issues – water, land use, production, air, policy and cultural – that are now demanding public attention and discussion.

As done in 2011 with its inaugural event, the University will host its 5th annual natural gas symposium October 27th and 28th, 2015 largely to continue its communication to reach an internal audience while drawing external community members and industry partners for an open dialogue.

2015 Natural Gas Symposium theme — Key Components for Sustainable Industry-Community Collaboration.  How can the oil and gas industry be environmentally and economically sustainable? How do businesses, local and state governments enhance sustainability in an oil and gas commodity pricing environment?

2015 symposium expected outcomes: Our main outcome is the examination of Colorado as a microcosm for developing data-driven solutions. Our goal is to enhance economic and environmental sustainability for industry and for state and local communities.

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