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Hosting Organizations

Center for the New Energy Economy

The Center for the New Energy Economy will provide policy makers, governors, planners and other decision makers with a roadmap that will accelerate the nationwide development of the New Energy Economy – one that: creates and keeps jobs in the United States; encourages clean and affordable domestic energy; protects our environment and climate; keeps America on the front-edge of global competition; and helps guide the country along the road to a more secure, stable, sustainable and affordable energy future.

School of Global Environmental Sustainability

The SoGES mission is to develop new strategies for global sustainability that will address environmental and human- environmental grand challenges and inform solutions to global environmental problems. The School of Global Environmental Sustainability will accomplish this mission using a sustainability human-environmental framework that will advance scientific understanding while supporting the generation of new science and linkages to economics and society. This will be enhanced by engaging CSU's world-class expertise in innovative ways that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

CSU Office of the Vice President for Research

Dr. Alan S. Rudolph is currently the VP of Research as well as a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  Dr. Rudolph is a former member of the Senior Executive Service and served as Director for Chemical and Biological Directorate, Research and Development Enterprise, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Fort Belvoir, VA. Conducting research that can improve our understanding and help invoke positive change in the lives of people worldwide is a cornerstone of Colorado State University’s mission. Colorado State is one of the nation’s top research universities, with annual research expenditures topping $300 million. Research spending for fiscal year 2013 totaled $313.2 million, representing a third of the University’s budget.  The Vice President of Research works with CSU faculty and research partners to advance their discovery capabilities and to foster an environment where research can translate into real-world solutions. The VPR serves as the chief institutional advocate and facilitator for faculty research activities and is responsible for programmatic excellence in research for CSU. The Office of the Vice President for Research is the primary liaison with federal research officials and agencies; identifies and manages research opportunities; and develops and oversees interdisciplinary programs and research centers, institutes and other special programs.

Powerhouse Energy Campus

Bryan Willson is Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Founder and co-director of CSU’s Engines and Energy Conversion Lab and Co-director, The Energy Institute at Colorado State University.  In the role as professor and co-director, he has worked for over 25 years to develop large-scale solutions for global energy needs with a significant focus on reducing environmental impacts from natural gas production and use.  Dr. Willson is on assignment from CSU serving as Program Director at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).  The Energy Institute serves as a nucleus of research, education, and outreach for the faculty, staff, and students of Colorado State University.  Energy is a central element of almost every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today.  CSU has a long history of pioneering work in energy, with over 160 faculty developing energy technologies, exploring the economics, environmental, and sociological impacts of energy use, and proposing energy policy solutions.  The Institute aims to grow the impact, reach, and reputation of energy research and education at Colorado State University by increasing collaboration with industry and governmental partners, creating new research and educational opportunities for CSU faculty and students, and accelerating the dissemination of CSU solutions.  This cross-campus, interdisciplinary effort is operated under the Office of the Vice President for Research. The extensive network of researchers, research programs, and centers, spans all eight colleges at CSU, and extends off campus to a global network of public and private partners.