The 2014 Natural Gas Symposium is hosted by the The Energy Institute at Colorado State University.  Since the inaugural natural gas symposium fall of 2011, Colorado State University has built a reputation for hosting a balanced symposium discussing all sides of the natural gas issue while remaining an “honest broker” of information and education.

More about The Energy Institute

The Energy Institute serves as a nucleus of research, education, and outreach for the faculty, staff, and students of Colorado State University.

Continued access to clean, reliable and abundant energy is central to almost every major challenge the world faces today.

Colorado State University has long recognized the crucial role energy plays around the globe and pioneered research in this area – from developing better combustion engines that emit fewer pollutants to testing new smart grid technologies.

Today, more than 160 faculty members across CSU are developing new technologies, exploring the economics, environmental, and sociological impacts of energy use, and proposing energy policy solutions.

CSU created the Energy Institute in 2013 to consolidate its vast energy research under one organization. Through its 13 affiliated centers, the Institute aims to increase collaboration with industry and governmental partners to solve real-world energy problems and create new research and educational opportunities for CSU faculty and students.

The Energy Institute is headquartered at CSU’s new Powerhouse Energy Campus on North College in Fort Collins.  The Center for the New Energy Economy is one of the Centers located at the Powerhouse Energy Campus.

Maury Dobbie (Natural Gas Symposium Chair)
Assistant Director
Center for the New Energy Economy
(970) 491-3788