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Bob Zahradnik, Southern Ute Growth Fund

Bob Zahradnik is the Operating Director of the Southern Ute Growth Fund. He has been employed by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe since 1988.  He wrote the business plan for Red Willow Production Company and was its first employee.  He was President of Red Willow from 1992 until 2000.  Red Willow is the Tribe’s Exploration and Production Company.  During Mr. Zahradnik’s tenure Red Willow reserves increased from 0 to 500 billion cubic feet of gas.  Red Willow currently produces approximately 160 million cubic feet (net) of gas per day.  As Operating Director, Mr. Zahradnik still has oversight of Red Willow.  From 1989 through 2000 Mr. Zahradnik was also the Tribe’s Manager of Exploration and Production for the Tribe’s Department of Energy.  In that capacity he was heavily involved in all of the Tribe’s major energy transactions (totaling more than $1 Billion U. S.).  These transactions included energy acquisitions,  capital expansion projects, large financial transactions, establishment of joint ventures, and large scale field operations.  These successful transactions resulted in the Tribe’s current multi-billion investment portfolio, which support the Tribe’s AAA credit rating from Fitch and Standard and Poor’s.  Mr. Zahradnik earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 1977.